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Mobil™ Solvancer ®, an oil-soluble cleaner developed by (Flutiec) for turbines, compressors, hydraulic systems, and more, can be added to in-service oils to eliminate deposits, keeping your oil line flowing and equipment running smoothly. Find out more about how Lard Oil Company is able to use Mobil Solvancer to combat varnish issues in the proof of performance below.


A liquified natural gas plant in Louisiana was experiencing varnish concerns in their new turbines. The plant reached out to Lard Oil Company requesting Membrane Patch Colorimetry (MPC) samples on their newly installed gas turbines to determine if varnish was present.

The Lard Oil Reliability Services team conducted initial MPC tests on the (5) GE Frame 7EA Gas turbines, using Mobil DTE™ 732, that had been operating less than 2 years. After we reviewed the results using Mobil™ Lubricant Analysis along with Lard’s own laboratory equipment, it was determined all 5 turbines were showing signs of significant varnish. They also displayed a “caution” status in Mobil™ Lubricant Analysis.


Lard Oil’s Reliability Services team and Mobil™ engineers collaborated with the plant to review the results observed from the Mobil™ Lubricant Analysis indicating varnish was an issue in their machinery. Lard Oil and Mobil™ engineers recommended utilizing Mobil™ Solvancer ® in the reservoirs to help combat the signs of varnish that were observed.

before and after mobil solvancer diagram showing cleanliness following use of product


The plant saw immediate results after adding the recommended Mobil™ Solvancer ® to the reservoirs of Mobil DTE™ 732.

Subsequent testing after 3 months showed MPC levels dropped from ranges of ~35-26 to ~2 across all (5) turbines. Utilizing Mobil™ Solvancer ® helped the plant avoid early shut down due to varnish.

The current plan had the plant shutting down for a planned inspection at 30,000-hours. Based on initial MPC values, there were significant indicators that the turbines would have required an early shut down prior to the 30,000-hour target. The result would have been unplanned downtime and missed revenue of $440K/hr for an estimated 7 days to complete flushing and mechanical work required to bring equipment back online.

Annual Savings:

$74 Million – Revenue Improvement

168 Hours – Exposure Reduction

Contact us today to learn more about how Mobil™ Solvancer® can help you meet your operating goals. For a PDF copy of this proof of performance, click here.